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One of the most important aspects of a good listing is Amazon PPC advertising. PPC may help you enhance your visibility and scale your business if done correctly.
AmzSparks’s Amazon PPC management service offers smart Amazon product marketing solutions. Our team of PPC experts creates ads that are specifically tailored to your company to enable you to increase sales on Amazon while keeping expenses down.

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Publishing well-crafted product listings isn’t enough to establish a strong presence for your products on Amazon. You need to get your merchandise in front of as many people as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use the foolproof solutions available on Seller Central. These take the form of innovative advertising campaigns that are strategically placed to engage your clients throughout their purchasing journey.

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Managing the entire process necessitates a thorough understanding of the Amazon platform. Because of its algorithm, strategically putting sponsored display advertising can be difficult. As a result, leave ad campaign administration to the experts at AmzSparks to reduce risks while increasing benefits.

Expand your Buyer reach

We use our experience in advertising and marketing to reach out to your customers in the most strategic way feasible. Every step of the way, from improving brand recognition to increasing conversion rates at the purchasing stage and building a strong client base by fostering loyalty, we try to successfully explain your company’s benefits.

Sponsored Ads Management solutions

Product Sponsored Ads

Both first-party and third-party vendors can use the Ad type. Product Ads are typically placed at the top and bottom of the search-result page, as well as beside your competitor's product pages. You can use the Ad to target clients based on their searches and then link them to your product page. Advertisers can choose between exact, phrase, and broad match types, as well as the ability to set and alter bids and campaign duration. Our SPAs expert uses both automatic and manual campaigns to achieve the best outcomes. Allow us to manage your PPC campaigns, and we'll help you reach a wide range of potential customers in no time!

Product Display Ads

Only Vendors have access to this ad feature. If you're a seller, you might have considered placing an ad beneath your competitor's page. Product Display Ads work in the same way. By targeting customers based on their interests, you can place your goods under the ‘add to cart' button on competitors' pages. They may also display at the top of listing pages and on customer review sites. Through highly relevant Display Ads, our Amazon Experts can help you upsell and cross-sell your products.

Coupons & Promos:

This function is only available to merchants who have an Amazon Brand Registry account and a large amount of positive ratings and feedback. Using coupons and promotions for Amazon PPC is still a relatively new marketing approach, but it has a significant influence on underperforming products. Coupons simply provide your goods with the much-needed Green Badge that signals to your clients that they are receiving a discount. This creates the idea to your buyer that they're getting a good price, which isn't always the case. Our PPC Experts can literally assist you win Great Sales on a coupon with a low value.

Brand Sponsored Ads

Both sellers and brand owners have access to them. When it comes to conversions, brand sponsored ads are three times more effective than any other ad type. Within the search results, the Ad shows your business logo, a custom headline, and three of your items. To obtain maximum clicks and conversions, our PPC Experts optimise Ads by using their previous experience, new targeting options, placements, and other marketing methods. Allow our professionals to put your products in the spotlight with the perfect advertisements!


Most frequent questions and answers
Amazon PPC is an advertising function accessible to Amazon Sellers who want to immediately raise the visibility of their product listings on Amazon, whether they’re launching a new product or boosting the visibility of an existing one. Pay per Click (PPC) is a digital advertising concept in which you pay for the amount of clicks your ad receives in order to maximize the likelihood of a sale with each click.

There are a variety of ways for selling on Amazon using Amazon PPC. Industry, product, audience, money, and other considerations all play a role. The fundamental idea is for Amazon merchants to pay for ads that include specific search terms, keyword research, and negative keywords in order to boost the likelihood of their product displaying following a query. It’s critical to keep track of your ad spend since once a buyer clicks on your ad, it’s out of your wallet.

Because of the nature of this ad campaign, discussion rates may become unpredictable, and advertising expenses may change if not properly managed. To produce an efficient Amazon advertising campaign while delivering Amazon Ongoing Optimization, it’s critical to evaluate all of your business’s elements.

The Seller Central platform is where your Amazon PPC campaign is implemented. Once you start developing your campaigns to determine your strategy’s main KPIs, strengths, and weaknesses, you’ll have access to a wealth of data.

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